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    Here are bits and pieces of my work.

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    Here are a few organizations I've worked with.


    Avid Technology

    Leap & Learn

    CMCT (Change Management Consulting and Training)

    West Coast University

    AHIP (America's Health Insurance Programs)

    MD Live.com

    Origin Diagnostics

    Front Row Education

  • Equipment

    Jane Ellen's microphone is a modified MXL 2001.




    Work with me and you get a creative and curious mind with the ability to make it all come together.  



    Voice Over Artist

    Audio Book Narrator

    Voice for IVR

    eLearning VO with speciality in medical terminology





    Public Speaker



    Script and Copy Writer





    I've done a lot of stuff.  Here's some of it.

    The Jane Ellen Experience

    because working with me is an experience.  

    Social Media Consultant/Manager, Branding, PR, Marketing 

    Dec 2009 – Present


    I'll make you look good.  Whether it's on your social media profiles, or in your photos or videos, I provide guidance, tech assistance, and an unbiased eye regarding your brand and how you and your business are seen online. I also bring my broadcasting and interviewing skills with me to moderate podcasts, Google Hangouts, and HOA's (hangouts on air). I genuinely know how to be social. I am also hilarious. #enoughsaid

    DAN Talent Group

    Actor/Voice Over Talent/Professional Makeup Artist 

    October 2008 – Present




    Clear Channel Communications

    Air Talent 

    Jan 1994 – Jan 2009


    I have over a quarter of a century of broadcasting experience (I started my career at the age of 9).  I know how to interview, endorse, befriend, inform and entertain.   As a media  coach I'll get your delivery into shape.

  • "In this world, Elwood, you can be oh so so smart, or oh so pleasant." Well, for years I was smart... I recommend pleasant. You may quote me.--from Harvey



  • Radio & TV Personality, Voice Talent, Social Media Strategist, and Personal Branding Consultant, Jane Ellen has more than 25 years of experience in broadcasting, voice acting, marketing, and styling. Though successful with her work in social media and styling, behind the mic is where she truly shines.


    Hiring her voice gives your eLearning modules another avenue in which your learners can retain knowledge. She takes her warmth and likeability skills honed during her broadcasting career and translates it to your modules and corporate training.


    Her achievements include:

    Providing voice overs for eLearning courses for corporate clients and universities, audio books, explainer videos, affirmations, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and messages on hold. She is a much-pursued voice talent due to her elegant and confident delivery. She specializes in medical terminology pronounciation.


    Before she devoted all her time to her voice work, she did a few other things.

    An award-winning radio career. She's interviewed A-listers including Garth Brooks, Olympic gold medal gymnast Mary Lou Retton, Hanson, Ringo Starr, Stedman Graham, and Trace Adkins. She has hosted a syndicated countdown show and written for radio industry magazines, Country Weekly and more. Her TV credits include national comedy shows and award-winning country music videos.

    Leading social media expert and consultant. Jane Ellen is a specialist in Google+, where she is a verified profile. She has helped clients achieve high levels of visibility and popularity through high-level engagement, community building, and content generation. She has special connection and love of the photography world through her friendship and working relationshipt with legendary photographer and Nikon Ambassador Joe McNally.

    Professional make-up artist and teacher--she taught the history of make-up in film at the Nashville Film Institute. She has worked in the world of fashion as a stylist and a dresser and has worked with fashion icons such as Tim Gunn and Manuel.


    Coaching high-profile clients for appearances on top-tier national stations and programs including QVC , and American Idol. She has helped national celebrities, entrepreneurs, and global thought leaders create media strategies and personas for maximum exposure.

    Extensive event-planning experience including countless charity balls, a fashion party with The Boot Campaign (where she secured WWII vehicles and re-enactors) where she was the featured party planner on an international television show. She also provided promotional assistance with Las Vegas events during the National Finals Rodeo and promotional assistance for many of Joe McNally's appearances such as WPPI and PSW.



    You just found your favorite voice over artist. 



    These people like me.  

    Joe McNally

    Owner, Joe McNally Photo

    Jane Ellen is a consummate pro at navigating the occasionally murky waters of the internet with grace, aplomb, good writing and a phenomenal sense of the linkages businesses require to maintain a vital presence on the web. She is literally a fountain of idea and asks the right questions. Our studio online presence and identity has been greatly enhanced by her advice and guidance. Plus, and this is a big factor for us, she is a hoot to be around, and is a good friend and colleague.  Regarding her voice work, I liken her voice to chicken soup.  Just hearing it makes you feel good.

    Sidney Monroe

    Owner of Monroe Gallery of Photography Santa Fe

    Very happy to recommend Jane's work. She completely revamped the Gallery's Google+ profile, and within just 3 weeks had us over 500,000 views. If there is such a thing as a Google+ expert, Jane is it.

    Jane is extremely knowledgeable in all things social media, and provided us with many significant recommendations to boost our various social media platforms. She is fun to work with, professional, and direct to the point.

    Jack Johnson

    Insurance Professional - Television Host

    Jane Ellen soaks up pop culture and main stream media facts like a sponge and that made her the top radio morning talent in the Middle Tennessee area for years. Having worked with her at Sunny 95.9 FM, I can attest to the fact that she can ad lib with the best of them. She's a high quality drive-time talent, voice over artist, guest speaker or event host. Cool as the other side of the pillow during a live broadcast, Jane Ellen works live on-air, under pressure, as well as anyone ever has. She's talented in a number of areas at a high level but truly excels on televison and radio.

    Kemetia MK Foley, CAP-OM

    Champions the importance of competent, dedicated administrative professionals in the workforce.

    I have booked Jane Ellen as a publicist several times over the last three years, after being aware of her work over the last seven or so years.

    No doubt her ability to work with clients and explain the whys and wherefores of still photo - looks vs. on-camera requirements is one of her strongest points.

    She carefully listens to client concerns and makes adjustments.She has an uncanny knack for knowing just the right look to complement a client's personality.

    She's quick to respond to inquiries, professional and has a great sense of humor. Publicists and photographers -- any professional in need of a stylist would benefit from connecting and working with Jane Ellen.

    Douglas Taurel

    Professional Actor

    I worked with Jane to help me get up to speed with Google Plus and she was fantastic. She doesn't talk down to you, she teaches you with a kind hand and really helps you see the power in the platform And if she doesn't know the answer, she will google hangout someone halfway across the world and get the answer.

    Love working with her!

    Patrick Lee

    Founder of BodyRyzm LifeSciences / Perspectis, Inc., Author of #MadBack, Human Spinal Biomechanics Researcher

    Jane is a great person to work with. She is highly creative and diligent. If you need a Social Media/PR/Marketing expert, look no further. Work with Jane. And you will thank yourself for your decision.

    Jay Thomas

    Independent Promoter of Country Artists at Jay Thomas Promotions

    When you've known someone since high school, you really have an idea who they are and what they're all about. So I can tell you that Jane Ellen is not only good people, she's also funny people too. Jane's background as a radio host has led her to all kinds of communications opportunities. And it's no wonder because she's what those in the business call a real talent. Spend two minutes with Jane and dare not to laugh. Spend five minutes with Jane and you'll realize how creative and smart she is. Know her as long as I have, and you're lucky.

    Taylor Scott Reynolds


    Jane Ellen is fabulous! Very, very fun and personable, she makes me laugh and so comfortable. Her work is amazing and she makes everyone beautiful!

    Annie Cahill

    Marketing/Business Development Joe McNally Photography

    I've had a positive experience working with Jane Ellen as a social media consultant, media coach, stylist, and podcast interviewer. Jane Ellen has a true passion and appreciation for photography and that made our regular collaboration not only incredibly productive, but fun. Jane Ellen is remarkably patient and has excellent communication skills. She is outgoing, vivacious, and a delight to work with. I believe that she would be an asset to any team she joins.

  • "Well behaved women seldom make history"--Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

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